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MC KEDR LLC owns a land plot of about 17 hectares in the Vsevolozhsk District of the Leningrad Region in the industrial zone ‘Lesnoye’. Two artesian boreholes with a depth of 240 m, supplying the unique water of the Vendian horizon, are located on this site. Regularly conducted chemical, bacteriological and radiation analyzes indicate an exceptionally high quality of water containing not only the frequently occurring trace elements necessary for human health, but also rare, for example, silicon, which helps to rejuvenate the body. The results of recent analyzes are attached.

Limited Liability Company “MC KEDR” offers you to buy out a business or create a joint venture for the extraction and sale of wholesale drinking water.
Currently, we issue a license for subsoil use for these wells. The debit of each 498 and 495 cubic meters per day. If necessary, due to the large size of the site, the productivity can be increased 10 times (up to 5,000 cubic meters per day) within 1 to 1.5 years due to the drilling of additional wells. According to preliminary assessment of specialists, water supplies will last at least 25 years.

In the territory of industrial zone “Lesnoye” we have all the infrastructure necessary for the operation of an industrial enterprise:
  • Power supply. Operating power is 2 MW. Until the end of 2021, according to the contracts concluded with PJSC “Lenenergo” and the technical specifications, 4.25 MW will be connected. The announced capacities will be connected in stages.
  • Gas supply. In accordance with the plan for gasification of the territory of the Vsevolozhsk District of the Leningrad Region, gas to the zone of industrial and business development “Lesnoye” will be brought up in 2021 in the amount of 2.25 million m³ per year.
  • Logistics. The land plot is located 30 km from St. Petersburg, 5 km from the federal highway A-121 (St. Petersburg – Priozersk – Sortavala), adjoins the highway of regional importance A-189 ‘Magistralnaya’, which is part of the second transport ring around Saint- Petersburg. Through the territory of the zone of industrial and business development “Lesnoye” pass their own railway , adjacent to the station “Orekhovo” of the October Railway (Part of OJSC “Russian Railways”) . The port of Primorsk is 85 km away. Approximately at the same distance – port Vysotsk. The cargo port of St. Petersburg is 50 km away. All this will allow the shipments to be shipped by sea and export to parties, accumulating them on their own territory.

Options for joint activities are the subject of discussion between the parties.

The proposed project has the following advantages:
  • availability of ownership of the land and access railway track;
  • availability of finished wells with known (very high) water quality indicators;
  • presence of a license for subsoil use;
  • low production costs: cheap electricity 7.59 rubles (13 US cents) per 1 kW; the availability of an inexpensive labor force in the Leningrad Region (an average wage of about $ 350 a month); a small tax burden (water tax for wholesale sales of about 9 thousand rubles (about 150 US dollars) per month for one well, while pumping 500 cubic meters of water per day);
  • good transport facilities: proximity to motorways, seaports, accessibility of railways.

In case of your interest, we are ready to provide any additional information, as well as discuss any options for cooperation.
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