Rent and sale

of industrial land plots in the Leningrad Region

industrial land «Lesnoye»

In the industrial zone “Lesnoye” 67.9 ha ( 679 000 sq. m. ) of industrial lands are offered for sale.

The price of land for 1 sq. m. from 1200 rubles depending on the area and payment. Changing the price upwards or downwards can be achieved in the negotiation process.
the cost of land for 1 square meter
right to connect utilities
right of way and passage to the redeemed site
The price of a land plot in the Lesnoye Industrial Park includes:
industrial land «Lesnoye»
There are more than 60 hectares of land on our territory, with the land use category:

industry, energy, transport, communications, broadcasting, television, informatics, land to provide space activities, land defense, security and land for other special purposes.
warehouses, logistics, transport
cluster of industrial production
cluster of contruction materials
Our company offers you these plots of land with the possibility of placing on them the following types of manufacturing enterprises and places of storage of your property:
Price from 1200 rub. ( ~ 17 $ ) for the quarter meter. Sale of plots from 0.5 ha to 40 hectares.
The industrial zone is adjacent to the highway А181 "Magistralnaya", located 35 km. from St. Petersburg. To the border (transition Torfyanovka) 167 km. on public roads.
Agency contracts for the sale of land. If you have investors interested in our offer - bring them to us and get remuneration from the cost of the transaction.
Minimal price
Convenient logistics
There are railroad tracks in the property.
Owns 6 mW, possibility of increase the capacity up to 10 MW.
Technical specifications for gas supply in the amount of 2185.0 thousand cubic meters / year were received.
Water supply is provided from wells with a prohibit water supply up to 600 cubic meters per day.
Own railway tracks
Gas supply
Energy supply
Water supply
Convenient location
5 KM
near Novopriozerskoe highway
24 km. – to the motorway «Scandinavia»
35 km. – to St. Petersburg
Industrial zone «Lesnoye», adjacent to the Northern Semi-ring (41A-189 ‘Magistralnaya’) in the area of ​​the village
Convenient location of industrial zone – near Novopriozerskoe highway at a distance of 5 km.
Industrial zone “Lesnoye”, adjacent to the Northern Semi-ring ( 41A-189 ‘Magistralnaya’) in the area of ​​the village

Distance to St. – Petersburg 35 km., To the motorway «Scandinavia» – 24 km.


The management company «KEDR» was established in 2013 to ensure the most favorable conditions for the development of large and small businesses in the territory of the Lesnoye industrial zone.
Having a staff of highly qualified personnel, the Company solves such strategic tasks as:
  • Development, optimization and audit of existing business plans for the creation of industrial, processing, pharmaceutical and other enterprises and logistics complexes
  • Coordination and accompaniment of contracts for purchase/sale and lease of land plots of the Lesnoe industrial zone
  • Coordinate the placement of additional engineering networks and communications for the Customer’s purpose;
  • reconciliation of allocation and connection of electrical capacities over 100 kW;
  • Coordination of issues of receiving, loading/unloading and sagging railway cars
  • approval of the receipt for the construction of industrial enterprises IV and V hazard classes


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Management company «KEDR»
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Legal address: Russian Federation, Leningrad Region, Vsevolozhsky District, Lesnoye village, Kuivozovsky JV, 350 m to the north-west from Lesnoye village, Industrial zone “Lesnoye”, 1, plot.4

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