Industrial zone “Lesnoye”
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Under the current contract with OOO “Peterburgskaya Sbytovaya Kompaniya “- a subsidiary of PJSC Lenenergo ( Guaranteed power supplier ) , the power that is owned is 2234 kW. Contracts were concluded and technical specifications were received from PJSC “Lenenergo” for the purchase of 10 MW capacity.

If necessary, contracts can be concluded for increasing the power in accordance with the price agreed with PJSC “Lenenergo” with the direct assistance of the Management Company. Limits of capacity for each site are determined in the negotiation process.

Network on the territory.

The territory has its own electrical network.


In accordance with the calculation of the need for gas fuel, completed by the design and engineering center of  “Gazprom Gazoraspredelenie Leningradskaya Oblast” LLC in 2016, the expected annual gas consumption of the industrial site Lesnoye is 2.185 million cubic meters / year.

According to the received Technical conditions from JSC Gazprom Gas Distribution Leningrad Region, the term of connection to the networks is 720 days from the date of conclusion of the connection (technological connection) agreement.

Industrial zone & Forest; - Gas supply

The gasification of the territory is planned.


On the territory of the industrial zone “Lesnoye” there are wells with a depth of 240 m, with a debit of 240 cube.m. per day each. Water has unique properties, its composition is close to mineral and contains a number of rare trace elements that are extremely important for human health (for example, silicon). Can be used to organize the production of bottling water.

Technical water for own needs can be obtained by agreement with the Federal Agency Of Water Resources “Nevsko-Ladoga Basin Water Management” from the waters of the nearby Lake Silande (Suojärve).


The whole territory of the industrial zone “Lesnoye” is covered with a network of roads with a concrete or subgrade surface. These roads belong to the private property of LLC “Management Company Kedr”, to all sites a guaranteed entrance of motor transport is organized.

In 5 km to the east of the industrial zone “Lesnoye” there is a pass-through of the “Lesnoye” industrial zone 4-6 line of regional significance A-121 (St. Petersburg – Sortavala)

In 24 km to the west there is a 4-6 lane motorway A-181 “Scandinavia” (St. Petersburg – border crossing “Torfyanovka” on the border with Finland).

From the south to the industrial zone ” Lesnoye ” is adjacent to the route А181 ‘Magistralnaya’. It is possible the reconstruction of the route in the second ring road around St. Petersburg (KAD-2). This will be a 4-lane route (2 lines in each direction).


On the territory of industrial zone ” Lesnoye ” pass railway tracks of non-public use owned by Management Company Kedr on the right of private property. The station adjoining the main railway tracks – Orekhovo. We have concluded the Agreement No. 03/17/3 of 08.12.2016 with PJSC RZD ( Russian Railways ) for the operation of a non-public railway track, which gives the right to load and unload up to 60 cars per month.

Railway tracks (highlighted green frame) with an abutment to Orekhovo station