Industrial zone “Lesnoye”
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There are more than 60 hectares of land on our territory, with the land use category: industry, energy, transport, communications, broadcasting, television, informatics, land to provide space activities, land defense, security and land for other special purposes.

Our company offers you these plots of land with the possibility of placing on them the following types of manufacturing enterprises and places of storage of your property:


– Industrial production (4-5 hazard classes)
– Metalworking
– Woodworking
– Assembly production
– Filling production
– Production of aerated concrete blocks
 – Vegetable and fruit preservation
– Mushroom cultivation
– Fruit juices and lemonades
– Exhibition / sale, seasonal storage of large-sized agricultural machinery
– Warehousing of all kinds of goods, products, materials
– Handling of bulk materials
– Transshipment, storage of long and oversized hardware, materials and structures
– Sludge of railway cars

And also any other types of production allowed for placement on our site.


In our territory there is a network of concrete roads that are suitable for rental sites.

The infrastructure of the territory., Concrete roads.

Electricity will be supplied to the site of interest within 10 days from the signing of the lease agreement.

The territory is controlled by entry and exit vehicles by passes.

Control of entry to the territory by passes

In our territory there is a railroad cul-de-sac of a non-public nature. The adjacency station is Orekhovo OZHD.

Own railway tracks.

By agreement, it is possible to erect building structures in offsetting the rent.

You can find out more information by phone at our office +7 (812) 271-38-55