Industrial zone “Lesnoye”

Our company offers to buy inexpensive land for industrial purposes in the Leningrad region 4-5 hazard class (presentation)

Unique advantages:

Minimal price

The price from 1000 rbl. per square meter. Selling plots from 0.5 hectares to 40 hectares.

Power supply

There are 1054 kW in the property, contracts have been signed to increase the capacity to 10 MW. When buying the sector from 1Ga - 100 kW free!

Gas supply

The delivery of gas was 2185.0 thousand cubic meters / year

Water supply

Water supply is provided from wells with a debit of 240 cubic meters per day

Convenient logistics

The industrial zone adjoins the highway 41A-189 ‘Magistralnaya’ (Northern Semi-ring) and is 35 km from St. Petersburg. To the border (crossing Torfyanovka) 167 km along public roads.

Own railway tracks

There are railroad tracks in the property.